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CHAKRA: Sacral 🧡

ZODIAC: Leo ♌️


  • Joy & Happiness: Sunstone radiates a warm, positive energy, promoting feelings of joy, happiness, and optimism.
  • Creativity: It stimulates creativity and inspires new ideas, making it an excellent stone for artists and those seeking innovative solutions.
  • Personal Power: Sunstone is believed to enhance personal power and confidence, empowering individuals to take charge of their lives.
  • Vitality and Energy: It boosts vitality and energy levels, helping to combat fatigue and instill a sense of vigor.
  • Emotional Healing: Sunstone is thought to aid in emotional healing, encouraging a positive outlook and reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Leadership Qualities: It can support leadership qualities and strengthen one's ability to inspire and guide others.
  • Abundance and Prosperity: Sunstone is associated with abundance and prosperity, attracting success and good fortune.
  • Spiritual Connection: Sunstone fosters a deep connection to the divine and supports spiritual growth and self-discovery.


**Remember that these beliefs are not scientifically proven, and the metaphysical properties of gemstones are based on traditional and spiritual practices rather than empirical evidence. The impact of such properties may vary from person to person.**




Sunstone Spheres

PriceFrom $14.00
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