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ELEMENT: Earth 🌱

CHAKRA: Crown 🤍



  • Amplification: White Calcite is believed to amplify energy, intentions, and other metaphysical properties of crystals and spiritual practices, enhancing their effects.
  • Purification: It is associated with cleansing and purifying negative energies from both physical spaces and individuals, promoting spiritual and emotional purification.
  • Clarity & Mental Focus: White Calcite is thought to improve mental clarity, concentration, and decision-making, aiding in problem-solving and enhancing intellectual pursuits.
  • Emotional Healing: Some believe that White Calcite can help with emotional healing by assisting in the release of past traumas, fostering forgiveness, and promoting emotional understanding.
  • Balance & Harmony: White Calcite is often used to restore balance and harmony within oneself and in relationships, fostering a sense of peace and cooperation.
  • Spiritual Connection: Many practitioners use White Calcite to enhance their connection to higher spiritual realms, making it a valuable tool for meditation and spiritual growth.
  • Chakra Alignment: It is associated with the Crown Chakra, helping to align and balance this energy center, which is linked to higher consciousness and enlightenment.
  • Stress Reduction: White Calcite may be utilized to reduce stress and anxiety, facilitating a sense of inner peace, relaxation, and tranquility.


**Remember that these beliefs are not scientifically proven, and the metaphysical properties of gemstones are based on traditional and spiritual practices rather than empirical evidence. The impact of such properties may vary from person to person.**


White Calcite Elephant

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